2021 Veistos

Cell II sculpture is inspired in the way we are experiencing time, cells and soap bubbles. Some moments can define the whole person. Time is an invisible companion. We dive through it on our memory. Majuri’s starting point in the Cell series has been a young woman’s story of a pandemic: how she feared soap bubbles carrying the virus at her sister’s wedding. Something innocent had become dangerous. The turquoise floating oval reflects a flying soap bubble as well as the cell nucleus. Small white bubbles are created around it by sprinkling baking soda on a hot glass. Soda gasifies and tends to form a bubble while remaining inside the glass mass. Chairs are a common theme in Majuri’s sculptures. Seatings play an important role in homes. Seating communicates prestige and the internal structures of the family. The sculpture made of solid glass is an optical illusion in which the surface shapes of the glass cause the armchair to stretch and occasionally disappear from the view. The sculpture has been exhibited at Palazzo Loredan, Venice 2021 and Design Art Tokyo 2021.

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