Aura Kajas

Aura Kajas is a Finnish artist who creates sculptures in ceramics. Her work is connected to the Natural World through process, material and concern for our planet. Her sculptures focus on flora and fauna. Biodiversity together with natural habitats has remained her primary inspiration throughout many years. Aura is curious about interspecies relationships and how they have been interpreted in various art forms throughout different times and cultures.

Aura´s sculptures invite us to feel, hear, see and be present. The wonders of sensory capabilities of plants and animals are an endless source of fascination for her. There’s a vast world around us that animals can perceive – but humans can’t. Nature-evoked feelings are the moving force behind every piece she creates. She looks upon the super-senses present in the Animal World and makes reference to that in her work with features like big ears, eyes and keys. Keys are a descriptive symbol to her – unlocking our inner capabilities and the sensory world.

Aura is a member of Ornamo, The Finnish Association of Designers. She has studied jewellery art in Finland and in the Netherlands – at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Her primary medium is ceramics and all her pieces are uniquely hand built in earthenware, stoneware or porcelain.

Coming from central Helsinki she currently splits her time between Finland and a quaint village in the countryside just outside of Rome, where she is accompanied at home by her dogs and cats. She enjoys observing the life of farm animals in the neighbourhood and taking long walks in the surrounding woods and hills where she has come upon with some interesting wildlife. Encounters with foxes, wild boars, porcupines, snakes and birds – amongst others – provide her with the feeling of connection and wellbeing that’s hard to find in the comforts of city life.

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